Friday, October 9, 2015

*Review* Disney's Cinderella

She finally was on sale for 20% off so she came home.  She is all hard plastic, but very nice. Disney Cinderella is so beautiful. Her hair is very nice and soft, and can be brushed gently.

Ella can wear some of Journey Girls clothes, as she cleans.

Ella gets ready to go to the ball and tries on her mom's dress, but it fits a little too big.

Addy's nightgown is a just a bit big on her.

Ella sees a beautiful blue dress, could it be from her fairy godmother?  Ella is all hard plastic and comes with painted panties.

Ella sits with her legs together. Her legs were a little stiff at first.

Fluffy brings her the blue satin slippers.

The blue dress is gorgeous and wrinkle free.

She loves to play with Fluffy as she sits in the parlor.

Waving to her fans.  Look at that beautiful hair.

Ella waves to her LADL fans, she is breathtaking and I am glad I waited for the sale.


  1. We LOVE Princess and Me dolls. You can still find outfits for them on Amazon or Ebay. I try to pay no more than $9.99 per outfit. If you need replacement parts (shoes, dresses, if your meet dress gets damaged, earrings), the company Jaks Pacific will replace them for you. We have a 1st Edition Cinderella, so I asked if they had the new Cinderella dresses in stock for replacement parts. I even offered to pay. Unfortunately, they said, Ella is a limited edition doll and they did not make extra dresses. Boo. But I have gotten a few extra Belle dresses before and they just replaced my Cinderella's shoes. Plus we always need earrings. Enjoy her, she's so beautiful. I wish they would do Snow White.

  2. I really like this doll! Hopefully I can buy her. How much does she cost?

  3. She is beautiful. Madelon

  4. She is normally $49.99, but this week she is in sale for $39.99 only at Toys R Us. Diana