Friday, October 9, 2015

*In Store Report* Holidays Items - AGP DC

 Madelon has a report from AGP DC!




  1. Why don't we have a Philly AG? Ugh. Grrr.

  2. Some of their new pillows and girl accessories look really...awful.

  3. The pictures look great. I love how the stores go all out for the upcoming holiday season. The PWPS are not what I expected. Very retro looking this year. Maybe they are playing up the Mary Ellen 50s them and the 60s for the next Beforever character.

  4. To me, that Santa Dress looks really cheap like it's made out of felt. But I LOVE the Snowflake dress! Sadly, I don't live near an AG store, so good-bye Snowflake dress.... :( I think the mittens, hats, and stockings look very weird. The colors don't look girly. What is the point for the pillow? Why does it have a pocket? I've never seen AG headphones either. The jewelry and purse are adorable! I'm a girl that loves bling and sparkle, so I'm hoping to buy the purse. You could use it even after the holiday season. Can you order PWP's online?