Saturday, October 31, 2015

DOLLOWEEN Party - Inspiration!

The Halloween Party
The Witch's Brew - will you dare try it? 

Carving the Pumpkin -  looks a good job!

Trick or Treats - what will it be for you!

Bobbing for apples - who is up for the challenge?

The entire scene - it was so much fun to put together. 

Idea for custom made costume:
A different Witch is in town - she is a good witch dressed in orange and black bringing happiness to a little girl.
 The entire costume was made by me including the stocking which were a girl's tights cut down to size the doll. 

The girl costume was also made my me to match the doll.  This was a one of a kind made especially made for my sweet girl Carly.



  1. Wow that's amazing, what a lucky little girl!!!! They both look so incredibly happy!! Happy Halloween!!

  2. Oh, love the matching costumes, so adorable!

  3. Another great job, Diana!

  4. Looks like everyone is having a great time!