Thursday, October 29, 2015

*Review* AG Mod Monster Costume

This set retails for $34. It comes with six pieces. The white dress you can see through. The green and black Halloween bag is to put her candy in.

The boots are a little disappointing because they don't have a sole to help her stand flat.

The stitch necklace makes her look like her head is sewn on. The wig hat gives her the bride of Frankenstein big hair.

I think this costume is adorable. The only complaints would be the see through dress and the boots without soles. I think for the price they should have added the leggings to give it a more complete look. I do recommend this outfit to help your doll look spooky for Halloween!! 


  1. Great review!! I agree the dress is too thin, it needed a lining or better fabric. I love the hair, necklace and the treat bag. The most disappointing are the boots!! The last witch costume had their "cheap" boots without a sole too! It is too bad that everyone has to pay 34.00 for an outfit that makes you feel like you need to improve! Either they need to use/line good fabric, quality shoes and tights (that was a good idea too!) or lower the price. Sharon

  2. Most of their clothes are starting to look like homemade knockoffs to me more than value pieces to add...

  3. I usually like AGs halloween costumes but this is one I won't buy. I looked at it several times in the store but I could never make myself like it. I have the witch costume and I like it but agree that the boots are a bit disappointing.

  4. This costume is a hit or miss. Yet, for me I adore it! Thank you for the great review. This puts a lot of things in perspective for me. I do not like the lack of quality in the dress, but I love the details overall. The shoes should be nicer, however, I will have to replace them. This should not be the case for a $30.00 something doll outfit. Cute stripped socks would have gone well and maybe basic black Mary Jane shoes. They could have even included those inexpensive plastic ones they tried to sell last year on clearance. Maybe I will wait on this one, hopefully may be a cyber Monday deal for those who need encouragement to spend.

  5. My concern about this costume was that the felt looking black wig would run on the doll. Have you had a problem with this? Madelon

  6. Madelon the only problem I had was trying to get the hair piece on. It was really tight and then trying to keep the doll's hair up inside. I still really like this outfit !!!!!