Wednesday, August 5, 2015

*Review* OG Retro - Aloha, I Love You & MLA - Garden Party Dress

Got this cute set for Kanani. It is adorable! 

Included: 2 postcards, writing pen (no ink), retro late 60s carry on, and a tropical coconut drink.

 To me, this dress has a tropical styled look. I thought with minor adjustments Kanani could wear it.

The netted crochet shrug can go over bathing suits, tank tops and sun dresses. I decided to remove the tulle hem and the pink satin around the waist.


I added fabric to lengthen the dress and a halter strap. The dress has no spandex in it and fits tight in the bodice.

I love it with the crochet coverlet, I think this DIY project turned out cute.



  1. So cute! Love the make over of the dress!

  2. Really cute! I love what you did with the dress.


  3. We have the aloha set. The coconut drink is so cute!

  4. I love the striped fabric you added. Kanani has some great accessories with the OG set.

  5. This is awesome!! You've done such beautiful things this whole project is great. Have you heard of Maru and Friends? They're an amazing doll collection with such gorgeous faces, I wonder if that cool wheelchair would work with the Maru and Friends dolls? Love your whole blog!!

  6. Gave the Aloha set to granddaughter #2 in May as she likes to do beach scenes with her dolls. . She also liked the coconut drink best. I've seen the garden party dress and passed it by, but I didn't see its potential as you did. Love how you adapted it for Kanani; she looks cute in it.