Wednesday, August 5, 2015

*In Store Report* My Life As.... + My Friend Cayla

MLA... new accessory sets for $6.92.

New Ski Instructor doll has a very pretty face!

Blond Ski Instructor

I first saw this talking doll in Target a month ago, now both the brunette and blond are available at Walmart too.


  1. I just love, love, love the ski doll! My Walmart doesn't have as much new items as yours; I hope they get more soon. It's sort of funny we both just posted my life as... In store reports! :)

  2. Love that umbrella set you posted and the crutch set melted me in the store today. Want them both.

  3. calls this the ice skater

    I saw a black Cayla at our WM. I wasn't impressed at the price point because the talking function isn't something I want. The face was really cute.

  4. The entire concept of a talking doll makes me a little bit creeped out, though I have never been afraid of dolls. I can see the attraction to that doll from the point of smaller kids though.
    The ski instructor's face is beautiful, though I'm not fond of her hairstyle. I love the new accessory sets.


  5. My Walmart's My Life As section keeps shrinking, but they did have the Ski Instructor. She is beautiful Very different from the standard Madame Alexander mold, but then MA sold off MLA to another company.