Thursday, August 6, 2015

*REVIEW* Comparison - Disney and A Girl for All Time

It seems just about everyone who collects historical dolls, loves all of the costumes made by A Girl for All Time. I can tell you firsthand they are beautifully made and owning them is like owning a custom treasure.

For those of you considering adding A Girl for All Time to your collection, here is another comparison to help you get an idea of how they are made and the size/proportions.

We all know Disney Princess dolls are slim 16" hard plastic bodied dolls. There ARE even differences within this brand, but for the sake of this comparison I'll show you side by side how they differ from AGAT.

Disney Toddler Princesses are 14" and have softer vinyl you can squeeze. They have skinny arms and round bellies.

Disney Animator Collection Dolls are 16" and have slightly fuller limbs, and a rounded belly. The vinyl is a bit more dense, but still squeezable.

A Girl for All Time have articulated bodies made of sturdier vinyl. They look like porcelain, but are dense vinyl you can not squeeze.

There is SO MUCH difference here, a picture is worth a thousand words! Clementine is built like a girl, the Disney dolls are built like toddlers and younger children with over sized heads.

 The clothes do not fit! 
Clementine is wearing Merida's dress and it is too short and too tight in the bodice. Merida is wearing Clementine's Land Girl outfit and it is very long (baggy). Ariel is wearing Clementine's meet dress which is way too long, but fits well around the midriff.
I hope this helps answer any questions.


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