Tuesday, August 4, 2015

*Review* Comparison - Doll Sneakers

I have a comparison review of a different brand sneakers.

Springfield. My Life As... Hobby Lobby.

 OG. Justice.

The BEST fitting sneakers by far are the OG brand. They are the best quality and are easy to put on, take off of a doll's foot. The next best brand is Hobby Lobby (white) sneakers! They are very good quality and have similar soles as OG brand.

The MLA shoes are thin and warped due to the baggie they are packaged in. The souls are not thick and tend to turn up at the toe. Springfield and Justice sneakers are about the same quality, a little more work to get them on the doll's foot, but better than MLA.


  1. The OG ones don't stain at all? I bought the cheap Springfield ones for $3.80 including tax with a 50% off coupon. I think they aren't bad at all considering the price! I noticed the My Doll's Life by Sophia's one's weren't up there. I don't own a pair but I have seen them in person and I LOVE them! They are about $10 with shipping plus tax but they come in every color and people really like them!

  2. I have Sophia's sneakers and they are great. They do offer more colors than OG. I like both.

  3. I really like the sneakers I have from OG.

    The best ones I have are from the AG Cargo Outfit (retired). They are outstanding.