Tuesday, August 18, 2015

*REVIEW* LORI by OG - Mini Doll Collection

The Lori by OG collection is very cute and well made.  Every tiny item has a lot of detail.  The product says for ages 3+, but I think it should be 8+, there are too many small items and the clothes are not easy to change on the dolls. 

Ballet dolls $9.99

Deluxe Pet sets $15.99

Close up of doll faces (the dolls have the same body as before).

Back of box

New outfits $6.99.

Outfit one "I Spot You".

Outfit two - "Lovely Lace".

Outfit three - "Glam Gal".

Back of box of outfits.

 "Loft of Love" mini doll house $49.99.

Picture of doll house on brochure.

Furniture sets living room and outside patio $12.99 each.

Furniture sets desk set and bedroom $12.99 each.

Dolls inside the doll house.

Bedroom area.

Roof top patio.

View of the entire doll house.

RV camper $34.99.

Kitchen light works.

Dolls fit nicely inside the camper.

The side of the camper closes, but the small door still works.

Overall this collection was well received by a 10 year old girl who had fun setting it up for me. I had to go to two different Target stores, stock was very low, so items may be hard to find in August.  I will be keeping my eyes for the car and the Ballet Studio.

Love this collection!

Thank you Diana!!!!


  1. I AM LITERALLY SCREAMING *writes entire Christmas wish list* I have always wanted actual mini doll furniture and outfits!!!!

  2. Great review and exciting new products for the mini's.

  3. Can the mini ag doll wear the same clothes?

    1. I have many reviews on mini doll clothes on Snickerdoodle Street: http://snickerdoodlestreet.blogspot.com/2014/12/og-mini-bf-rebecca-comparison.html

  4. My only question is how do I not buy it all? (thanks!)

  5. Thanks for sharing, Diana. Looking forward to seeing it in person. Madelon

  6. Well, that camper was love at first sight so that's coming home whenever I find it in store, I like everything here - the dolls, dogs, clothes, house and furniture. It'll be great to have more options for the minis. Thanks for the post Diana!

  7. Thanks for posting this for us. Very interesting. I think I will be looking for it all!

  8. Thankyou for the great review Diana! I will definitely be getting the outfits! I love this new line. So cute! And perfect for the 18" girls to play with. ;-)

    It's too bad they didn't correct the extra long neck issue.

  9. What is the name of the redheaded ballerina doll?

  10. where can i buy lori doll clothes. not carried in target. would love handmade web site.