Tuesday, August 18, 2015

*Review* Disney Animator Collection Rapunzel & Maximus Horse


Back in January, Rapunzel was one of four DAC dolls that I got for my birthday. I didn't do an opening video or post for her. 

After taking her hair out of the clear plastic band, I brushed it and it shed....A LOT.

Of course her hair is extra long, I'm hoping the wrinkles and bends from packaging will wash out.

Her dress is shiny satin with cotton eyelet lace around the neck. She has a satin stuffed Pascal as her companion.

She has cute little freckles!!!

Maximus is a poseable plush horse. He has wire in his limbs to enable him to stand, sit and bow.

I love the details of his saddle, it has the sunburst on the pouch. The blanket is stiff coated fabric.

I love the expression on Maximus' face! Hahaha! Here he is in a seated position next to Rapunzel.

Maximus can support the weight of Rapunzel and these two are just adorable!

These two are cuteness and FUN! I urge you to add these to your collection.


  1. You should check out the mini Disney Animator doll sets--they come in little suitcases with accessories. My six-year-old adores them and they have a lot of play value. She has the Ariel and Jasmine sets. My favorite is the tiny sparkly bobble head Rajah cub, it's so adorable.

    1. I've seen them! I want them all!!!!
      Send in photos of your collection!