Sunday, August 23, 2015

*Reader Photos* Calling All Princesses

Calling all Princesses to the Royal room. Merida is first to arrive, she quickly goes for the chest.  Merida was a rescue doll from Goodwill.

Merida and her cousin, who is from Target and share the same name.  Wait Merida do not open that chest!

A closer up of the Target Merida.

Snow White is next to arrive and she brings her 7 Dwarfs.  Snow White is also a rescued doll from Goodwill and the 7 dwarfs I found at Big Lots they have clips to hang on backpacks.

Sleeping Beauty wondered into the basement and was curious at what she found. She too is a rescued doll from Goodwill.

No Princess Aurora do not touch!

Two of my favorite Princess and Me 18 inch Dolls: Princess Aurora and Elsa still in their box.

The Princess from Frozen:  Anna and Elsa as toddlers.

Close up, they are adorable. Toddlers and minis Anna and Elsa.

My All Time Favorite is "little Miss Princess" Shirley Temple.

The world is full of Princesses in each of us!
The backdrop and royal chair was customized by me (it came from goodwill as a plant holder), the spindle was a flower, the little chest was also customized by me it was from Michael's and the pot I found at a thrift shop.

Enjoy! Diana


  1. I loved the movie with Shirley Temple. Beautiful doll and display.

  2. Anna and Elsa look so cute with their mini-me dolls. Love your Shirley Temple doll as a princess too.