Sunday, August 23, 2015

*Reader Photos* Special Princesses

For princess week, I wanted to share Ruthie’s Halloween photo from last year. I dressed her as her favorite princess, Sleeping Beauty using Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress and a mini rhinestone tiara from Claire’s. 


I don't have any Disney princess dolls, my Build a Bear goat is dressed as Cinderella with her Knight in shining armour. 

Amelia is dressed as a princess. She is wearing AGAT Matilda's ballgown, her own cloak with a fancy button as a clasp and crown from Carpatina.



  1. Cute photos, Monica!
    Ruthie looks "really, truly" beautiful dressed up as Sleeping Beauty, and Amelia is as pretty as a princess in her special dress, too!!!

  2. Oooooops... I didn't notice that not all the pics were from Monica....

    Granof4 ----- the compliment about Amelia in my last comment is for you! ;)

    1. Thank you Chrissa Marie!

    2. You're welcome!