Sunday, August 23, 2015

*Reader Photos* Waiting Maryellen's Arrival

Meredith enjoys her coke at the ice cream parlor, as she awaits Maryellen's arrival.

 The following scene and a couple of outfits were made by me back in 2013, that is how long I have been awaiting the 1950 AG release. 

The kids hang out at the local diner, as they await for Maryellen.  The OG Retro outfits were released back in 2013.

The Girl's "Sunglasses" club has arrived and they too are anxious to see Maryellen.

The kids dance the jive and enjoy the 50's music, hoping Maryellen will soon arrived.

The 50s scene was created using party supplies and the snack cart from AG.


  1. Maryellen is sold now in ag Scottsdale store

  2. Nice job, Diana! Madelon