Tuesday, August 25, 2015

HTM 1950s Record Player

These are the materials I used to construct Samantha's portable record player: 
  • A small box, mine is 3.5" x 3.5"
  • A lid from a vitamin bottle
  • A smaller box or lid to fit inside this box
  • Tape
  • The top part of a Christmas ornament
  • 3 pony beads
  • 1 round bead
  • The curved part of a broken hair clip
  • A small sample spoon that I broke off the rounded side
  • 1950's picture
  • A small piece of fun foam
  • An old ear bud
  • Hot glue gun

  1. Hot glue the foam on the hair clip in the middle, then hot glue the ends of the hair clip to the front of the box. 
  2. Tape the bigger box and lid together in the back. 
  3. You put the smaller box in the bigger box, on top of that, you glue the vitamin lid.  
  4. Center the Christmas ornament on top of the lid and glue. 
  5. Place the record on top. My record is from Julie's collection, but Rhonda has a great tutorial on making records
  6. Take 2 pony beads and glue them on the box.  
  7. Place the broken spoon on top to act as the needle arm.  
  8. Use the other pony bead glued on another section of the box, with the round bead glued on top. 
  9. Place the picture inside the box lid.  
  10. Now grab a bottle of Coke and enjoy the music!


  1. I am going to make this. Is super cute and looks real..

  2. Very creative. Came out really well.

  3. Wonderful! Very creative. Looks like the one Gidget had in her bedroom and that Charles had on MASH (except his was red). Thank you for the instructions and tips.