Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DIY Retro TV Console (Maryellen)

Maryellen's Retro TV and record player console is $85.00. If you're on a budget or want to make one now while you save for the real version, this is a fun project for you!

  • Box - cereal, cookie or cracker
  • Tan craft foam sheets, thin
  • Clear piece from packaging
  • Black and White TV image
  • Tan or black buttons
  • Toothpicks wrapped in foil

1. Cut the box to size, cover in craft foam.
2. Glue tan craft foam sheets to act as doors and shelves for depth.
3. Cover a button in tin foil and glue to the top of the box.
4. Glue two toothpicks in the button, leaning them to the outer directions for antennas.

5. Measure your TV image.
6. Cut a piece of clear packaging to cover the image.
7. Glue TV image onto front, frame it.
8. Add button below for knobs.
9. Glue your encyclopedias to the lower front.

Fawn made a retro box TV using a Kleenex box, contact paper, button and Popsicle sticks.


  1. Love this! In the 80's we still had an old black and white tv like this. We had to take turns holding the antenna to get a good picture. Lol! I remember being so excited when we got a color tv.

    1. I recall a similar TV set!!!! Hahahaha the good old days!

  2. Both TVs turned out great and look like sets from the era. Thanks for sharing these good ideas.

  3. Both are great! Let the crafting begin!

    We had an old black and white in the basement when I was little. Sometimes we'd watch TV in front of the fireplace. I still have the stand for it. Don't forget to label the large dials VHF and UHF. ;-)