Thursday, July 2, 2015

WWII On the Homefront and Abroad - Week 5

 Molly's family is doing their part for the war effort back at home while her father is away. He is an Army Doctor during WWII.

 These soldiers have just landed and are removing the front of their craft to drive the military jeep that's inside.

Typical military uniforms during WWII. 

Barracks would have single cots for soldiers to sleep in. Each has a small area for hanging uniforms.

A military trunk of personal supplies is assigned to each soldier.

A small shared writing desk is used for letters back home.

An aviation pilot wears a bomber jacket, much like Molly's Aviator outfit.

The cockpit and interior of a small passenger plane.

Wooden benches and round windows.

Women helped serve in the war as nurses. 

Various nursing uniforms were worn during the war.

Molly salutes the young women serving in the war effort.


  1. Great Pictures of Molly at the Museum.

  2. It is amazing to see all of this. WW 2 is so important to American history.