Thursday, July 2, 2015

*In Store Report* AG Oshkosh Outlet

Rina has an update from the Oshkosh Outlet.
Not a lot of new items, but they were selling classic Kit, Rebecca and Kaya dolls and still had Julie as well $80.00. 

AG Doll stand $16.00 and Kit's Classic purse $1.00.

Isabelle's Makeup Set $13.00

Isabelle's Kitten $11.00

Saige T-shirts (Doll) $1.00

Tote and Gear $7.00

Garnet $18.00

Dress $10. Guitar $20.00

Rebecca's Seashore Set $48.00

Julie's car wash set $220.00.

Kaya's teepee for $50.00!

Cover of the new July Catalog....
 I was just looking trough the new catalog and on page 37 - Rebecca's sideboard is shown for $130. I find this odd because it has been on the last chance sale online for $60 and is still on sale online right now.


  1. How much was Isabelle's sewing studio? Madelon

    1. It was $225 not bad they had a handful available .

  2. Wish I lived closer to outlet right now. Would love to get Rebecca; love her green eyes. And the blue PWP dress. We made the 3 - 4 hour trip for the Sur La Table class and since the AG store is in the same area, we had to go to the store. They changed the dress PWP the week before we went. Well at least more will be on eBay.

    1. I was very tempted to get Rebecca but didn't want yet another doll to collect for :( and the fear of her retirement before I would come even close to getting her items .

  3. I see the Rebecca new Beforever swimsuit set is there. Not a shocker to me. I called it back when it released that it was a little disappointing in color and not as authentic as it could have been. I wonder if that means more marketing changes in the future? I am happy to see some positive changes like the new Beforever item bedroom sets and Truly Me Sports clothing and school sets.

  4. I wish I lived closer. There are a few things listed there I'd like to have.