Thursday, July 2, 2015

Where's Willow - Lexington, VA (Day 1)

Willow arrived safe and sound, ready to meet some new friends and see some great sights in Lexington, Virginia! Miss Jenna was very excited to have Willow visiting and quickly introduced her to her doll Alyssa. 

On Day 1, we took a little drive and decided to visit the VMI Museum! VMI stands for Virginia Military Institute, which is a Military College here in Lexington! Willow got to learn all about VMI. 

She got to see what the Barracks rooms look like TODAY and what they looked like many years ago. She got to see several different uniforms over the past several decades.

She even got to see General Stonewall Jackson's horse! His name is Little Sorrel and he is forever on display in the Museum! 

We also showed Willow around VMI and took some pictures.  Jenna's Daddy runs a Drive-in movie theater, and it's showing movies tomorrow! Willow seems excited to see how things work at the Drive-in!


  1. Does anyone else see the face of a man in the right shoulder/armpit area of the white gown on the left in the next to last picture? Is it someone's reflection on a glass display case or part of another display reflecting in the glass? Or .............something else?


    1. LoL! It's a reflection of a painting on the opposite wall. :)