Thursday, July 2, 2015

Molly's Food Rations - Week 5

During WWII food was rationed. Molly and her family would have canned and pickled foods from their garden. Buying certain foods at the local grocer was limited in supply.

That meant Molly's family had to use a ration book.

Here is an American War Ration book.

You can make Molly her own Ration book


Typical food allowances:

Butter: 3 3/4 ozs (90g)
Bacon or ham: 200g (8oz)
Margarine: 6 1/2 ozs (160g)
  Cooking fat/lard: 200g (8oz)
Sugar: 14 1/2 ozs (440g)
Meat: To the value of 2/4d – about 2lb (900g)
  Milk: 5 pints (3000mls) 
Cheese: 8oz (200g)

Eggs: 2 fresh egg a week 
 Tea: 30zs (70g) 
 Jam: 900g (2lb)
Dried eggs: 1 packet (12 eggs)

Sweets & Chocolate: 700g (1lb 8oz)

Make Molly her own canned food.

DIY Pork and Bean Labels, Camp Gowonagin
Print these labels and glue onto empty spools of thread or rolled paper tubes.

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  1. This is what the historical dolls are all about. I love seeing the actual books and pamphlets.