Tuesday, July 14, 2015

*UPDATES* Doll Room

We have had a lot of renovation going on at our house. Moving items, re purposing rooms, cleaning out the garage... A LOT of activity. I have lost my office/modern doll room. If you recall in a previous video about my being out of space, NOW I am in one room (Historical room) so re-arranging and prioritizing has been a challenge. 

Firstly, modern dolls that I had trouble bonding with found new homes, all have lost their "bedrooms" (which is fine), not every doll NEEDS a room of their own. I have determined to make ONE large community space for the modern dolls.  Which is fun because this will allow for fun generalized vignettes without personalization.

 Currently the modern dolls are temporarily being displayed on a  basic shelf.  

The space under the shelf is reserved for Maryellen, depending on what is included within her collection. She is a BF character, so that would include a bed like the other BF dolls. (I'll wait to determine what appeals to me when she debuts Aug 27.)

I don't know exactly what/how I will merge the modern dolls living spaces.
More updates soon.........


  1. Can't wait to see what you do for Maryellen!

  2. we are all out of space I would put the gazebo in middle of room so it can be seen all around you make wonderful displays I will buy Maryellen she has the target diner waiting for her with 14 friends. regards S.R

  3. Ha ha ha out of space...I think this is a perpetual state for any great collector! I had promised myself the new house would limit all doll stuff to ONE ROOM. Then we got an unexpected houseguest in need of a home and the only room not occupied by humans suddenly needed to be so I've been shifting stuff back to the basement slowly. The good news for the dolls is that there's more room downstairs for dolliramas but less natural light so we've got to work on that bit yet.

  4. I had hoped to rearrange a room and make it my doll room. It's been rearranged and the girls are still not in it and I only have a few chairs! LOL Best wishes for your endeavors!