Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Meet Mirlo! A Girl for All Time

New accessories for Lydia!
Dancing Slippers are the perfect accessory for Lydia's outfits. The come in a plain yellow fabric with a  white sole, ideal for dancing in Georgian ballrooms.

I can't wait to meet Mirlo the cat! New pets launching this fall from A Girl for All Time.


  1. Rhonda, I love that owl and I want it for Kaya. Do you think it would be too small to use for an American Girl doll?!? I've never seen one of these dolls in real life, so it's hard for me to figure out scale. I do have Kidz n Cats dolls though and know these dolls are even smaller. Thank you SO much if you can help me and God Bless :)

    1. Oh I think the owl would be perfect for Kaya, maybe as a baby owl.


      The difference in AG and AGAT doll hands can be seen here, if this gives you a better idea.