Thursday, May 14, 2015

*Review* Regency Dress - Tree House Studio

I have seen this in store every time I go into Hobby Lobby. I bought the last one for Caroline.

The dress is made very similar to her holiday dress and the gloves are included. It's a matte stretch satin (gloves too), which makes it very easy to put on her. The sleeves needed a few tugs to position. 

This dress molds to her body so after finessing, it stayed in place.  

I'm impressed with how well this dress is made. Priced at $7.99, I used a 40% coupon and got the dress with gloves for under $5.00. I paired it with basic red flats. I hope you can still find this dress at your Hobby Lobby. It is the Tree House Studio brand they're discontinuing.


  1. I bought this dress awhile back and was disappointed it did not fit. Going to Hobby Lobby today and will try it again. It looks great on your Caroline!

  2. I just saw a few of these at my Hobby Lobby today. Thanks for showing what it looks like on a fool. When I saw it I did not think Regency Era, I thought Annie, but it's really to long for that.

  3. That should be on a doll, not fool.

  4. Did you pre-treat it? I would worry about something that red dye transferring.

    1. No I didn't. I took it off right after this post though and put her in the BF party dress. I was worried it would stain. I don't leave Grace's red city sweater on either.

  5. I love this dress? It is perfect in every way. It was My Daughter's American Girl Doll #58 dress for her Annie Birthday Party. We purchased 5 of them. We want 12 so we could share and give one to each Girl. But we could not find enough so shared what we had. Every Girl Loved Hers. I am still trying to get 2-3 more for us to add to our 1.