Thursday, May 14, 2015

*FEATURE* Caroline Abbott's Collection

With AG confirmation that Caroline is archiving, LADL will take a look back at her collection.





If you would like to share your Caroline collection for a special tribute post, email photos:
Deadline May 22.


  1. Her collection is gorgeous. I don't think there is a single outfit of hers that I don't like (even the newest ball dress is nice even though it is a bit shiny). I love the mug/vase. Garnet is a favorite that I may purchase just because no one else has a cow as part of their collection. I really hope AG plans to add to the 1800s or 1700s. I think the items from those centuries are always unique.

    1. Hopefully Felicity will come out of the archives soon!

  2. Ooh! My time has come-- lol. Caroline is my favorite historical character, and I just got a Caroline package today! :) I will be sending in photos.


  3. What a great post. As a somewhat "newcomer" to AG collecting, it was really nice to see a collaboration of all of her things. I think my favorite outfit is the ice-skating outfit and I absolutely love her bed.

  4. As much as I complain about blondes, I liked Caroline's collection. Thanks!

  5. I do like Caroline's collection and will keep my eye on her cow. We;re not supposed to have livestock in borough limits, but I think and eption can be made. ;-)

    Sadly, I never really liked her cat. Reminded me too much of Licorice.