Sunday, May 3, 2015

*Reader Photos* Meet Addy Book Comparison

 This might be something up for discussion with AG books, but I took advantage of the AG online book liquidation sale and found some differences in two Meet Addy books.
My older Addy book's Ms. Caroline looks more like how Caroline Abbott would look as an older woman, similar to her grandmother's picture in Caroline's Surprise.

 But the newer Meet Addy book's Ms. Caroline looks more tan in complexion.

I just thought that was pretty interesting looking at the two Ms. Caroline's and Caroline Abbott.


  1. That's cool. Also did you know that you can see a hand me down clothing piece in molly's books? Look at the illustration on page 21 of book 3, see the sweater that Jill is wearing? Now look at the cover of Molly's mystery "clues in the shadows". Notice that Molly is now wearing Jill's sweater! That's one of my favorite little bits of trivia I know.

    1. I forgot to mention that this is in the Mattel books and could be different in other variations of the book series.

  2. I noticed that when I was comparing some AG books at a library a while back! I've never considered the comparison of Ms. Caroline to Caroline Abbott, very cool. I've always wondered if there were any subtle differences between the books I (well, my mother really) bought at book retailers in the early early-to-mid 90s and those we bought directly from the Pleasant Company catalog. The only discrepancy I'm aware of is that those from retailers say Scholastic on the binding, while those from the catalog say Pleasant Company.

  3. I also think the AG Wiki says something about Kit having a neighbor named Ms. Larson. A descendent of Kirsten, perhaps?
    I love finding connections in th AG books like this!