Saturday, May 2, 2015

Where's Willow? Lake House (Day Two)

The girls were up early and eager to BAKE! Grace held a class: Baking 101

  • Measuring dry ingredients and liquid ingredients properly
  • Pre-heating the oven
  • Prepping work stations
  • Using the freshest ingredients
  • Decorating masterpieces (her favorite part)
Grace took a vote before the trip and everyone agreed that they wanted to learn how to make the best, most moist and fluffy cupcakes! Willow was very interested in learning how to make butter cream frosting. 

Grace explains that it's best if the ingredients are room temperature. "You must use two different measuring cups. One for dry ingredients and this one with the spout is for liquids."

 "Did you know that? I just always used the same cup."

"I did!" Willow says.

Grace takes the cupcakes to the pre-heated oven. The dogs are running through the kitchen!

"Look out Grace!"

"Oh no! Shoo you two!! I spilled batter."

"I'll clean up while those bake."

30 minutes later.....


"I hope you enjoyed today's lesson. Here is your reward!"

"These look so yummy!"

 "Thank you Grace!"


  1. Looks like they all had a wonderful time together!!

  2. Beautiful story and pictures.

  3. Rick Steves has nothing on Willow!