Friday, April 3, 2015

Where's Willow? Tennessee (Day Two)

We woke up to threats of storms, rain and generally bad weather.  The kids showed Willow their favorite game and she had a great time playing.  Hannah had her dressed in a super fancy dress because as she said, “Girls love pink.”  You can’t change her mind, so don’t try.  


Then, Stella decided to have a little chat with Willow.  I am still not sure what they were talking about, but there was a lot of giggling.

After everyone was dressed, we made a change of plans as to not get stuck at the zoo in downpours and headed to our friend’s house instead. It sprinkled off and on, but not much could be seen of this storm all the radio and newscasters were going on about on our drive there.


When we got there, Willow jumped out and headed straight for the swing set.  That is pretty much where she stayed the entire day.  And you guessed it, no storms the entire time we were there.  Willow had a fun time meeting Breannah though and playing outside.  So, the day was not wasted and friends were made. 


Tomorrow, we have an Easter Egg hunt up in Kentucky.  See you all tomorrow!
~the Booths


  1. Willow,
    Hannah is right, you look lovely in pink!

  2. I also love pink, so I definitely wouldn't try to change her mind. And it seems you all had a great time.

  3. Willow does like pink! She loved our pink wig!

  4. I live in KY, although probably not the area you're going to.

  5. I love your picture, Willow, in your pretty pink dress, climbing the wall. It reminds me of what we can sometimes see in real life.

  6. Thant's one beautiful dress!