Saturday, April 4, 2015

*Review* Matilda's Velvet Cloak

This beautiful velvet burgundy cloak has a deep fur-lined hood with luxurious velvet braid trim and fastener. It is taffeta-silk lined with a hidden, secret pocket.

The ENTIRE cloak is lined in taffeta.

Dress maker details are found in the braided neck clasp and the matching trim that wraps the entire cloak!

Here is the secret pocket, found on the left side with a snap closure to ensure her secrets are kept safe.

Meant to be worn with her Court Dress, I've shown it here with the Ball Gown.

You can see the video for Matilda's entire collection.
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  1. What other dolls can share clothing with A Girl for all Time? Can the clothes fit 18 inch slim dolls, or would they be too short?

    1. None, the clothing is specific to A Girl for All Time which I why I included couture in the review. They are made to fit perfectly. Gorgeous details. You can often find patterns to fit slim body dolls that include various sizes Sasha/Kidz n Cats/Girl for All Time/Kathe Kruse, but they can't share clothes.

  2. These outfits, especially the cloak, are gorgeous. As a sewist I know how much effort goes into each dressmaker detail. Wow, wow, wow. I could easily become a collector of these dolls and their wardrobe.