Saturday, April 4, 2015

*In Store Report* New PWP - AGP DC

Madelon stopped into AGP today because it's Rebecca's birthday!

What a beautiful display-
Happy birthday Rebecca!

This is all of what remains of Caroline's collection.

Look at the new PWP!
Saige's summer outfit! (hmm??????)



  1. Well that was unexpected! I guess that outfit didn't sell too well...

  2. Happy birthday, Rebecca! :) This would have been her 101th birthday. Lol.
    Strange about that PWP... I really thought that outfit sold better. Or maybe they had more inventory than they needed. Interesting.


  3. Saw this tunic outfit today at the Oshkosh Outlet $10.00. You can see a report from the store on our blog DollsBetweenUs
    happy birthday beautiful Rebecca!

  4. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!! I don't think Saige's summer out fit sold that well if they still have some leftover.

  5. Happy Birthday Rebecca!

    Poor tunic outfit--they can't seem to give that thing away! Oh my!

  6. Thank you SO much for posting this!!!! I was so excited I asked my mom if she could take me next week to get it and instead she went yesterday and bought it for my easter basket!!! It's a little overcast here today too- perfect weather for Saige to wear it ;)

  7. I always wanted that outfit! Wish they would have had it at this price when I bought Caroline's Parlor!!!