Saturday, April 4, 2015

Where's Willow? Tennessee (Day Three)

 We arose early, got ready and headed to Kentucky for the annual Easter Egg Eve hunt at the Booth Farm.  Willow seemed very excited.  We couldn’t tell if it was because she was wearing a newly made Lee and Pearl French Smock Top by Ms. Pam (Hannah’s doll, Jess, let her borrow it) or the anticipation of the candy.  Do dolls eat candy?  (shrug) 

 As more candy was consumed, Willow started to get tired.  She first crawled up in the basket to try and get comfy…..

 Willow hung out with the girls, hunting as many eggs as they could throw in the baskets.  Honestly, we lost count.  After the eggs were all gathered, they sat under the tent to take stock of their goodies.  Between the three of them, they ate HALF the candy.  And yes, dolls DO eat candy.  Mystery solved.  

After realizing eggs were not a good place to rest after eating one’s stuffing weight in candy, she settled into the grass and dozed off.  What a great day on the farm.  What a great day with a fun little gal.

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  1. What could be more perfect than a day spent with dolls and chocolate!