Friday, April 3, 2015

*Review* Matilda's Masked Ballgown

Made from sea green taffeta-silk, the skirt has a cream kirtle; the separate top comes with lilac velvet ribbons and pearl beaded trim. Dancing shoes and a silver-trimmed mask are included. 

Beautiful period costume made with gorgeous fabrics.

The taffeta fabric is iridescent and picks up the light. It's trimmed in lilac velvet and pearls.   

The dress maker details go around to the back. There are snap closures.

The cream colored kirtle is thick and stiff to hold its shape.

The fit is perfect!

The mask is molded in a velvety stiff fabric, trimmed in glittery details, with a metallic gold elastic band.

The detailed sleeves are loaded with pearls!

 The quality and detail of this set is unparalleled. Matilda's outfits look rich, expensive and OOAK, but they're affordable luxury. These historical costumes make it feel like owning a couture piece for this brand of doll, but these sets are available to all collectors. I have not found anything that compares to the standards of A Girl for All Time.

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  1. How are the books? Can you purchase them separately?

    1. Yes the books can be purchased from any book seller.

  2. Oh, how gorgeous! Matilda and her collection are sooo beautiful! I love the quality and detail that A Girl For All Time has. I hope I can purchase one of these dolls in the future. :)


  3. Such a gorgeous dress - I love the colors!

    - Ellie