Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where's Willow? Tennessee (Day One)

The postman delivered Willow and we were filled with excitement. 

The younger children were about to go down for a nap, but not until we took her from her travel bed and introduced her to everyone.  She quickly made friends with many dolls in the toy room as she read about her adventures around the United States.

Then she visited my doll closet where as an adult collector, I keep my dolls that only me and my big girl can get to.  Jo, Ivy, Matilda and Clem enjoyed talking to her about the weather in her last destination, New Jersey.  We think Yellow the bear was trying to take a group photo.  Still not sure about that. 

After the younger siblings had went to bed, Hannah and I took Willow up to visit the doll repair room where we fix broken dolls and gave her a good salon treatment for her dry hair.  She loved the attention, the good smelling product and Hannah’s singing.  She says Hannah sings like an angel.  I agree.

Next, we let Willow explore outside for a bit.  Since winter had finally decided to say farewell, she had a fantastic time sitting out on our front porch. 

Then we had to come in because a storm was brewing.  

 Hannah and Willow get ready for bed before their big trip to the zoo tomorrow. We sure hope the storms stay away. Night!
~The Booths


  1. Willow, It looks like you are going to have a fabulous time in Tennessee!