Thursday, April 2, 2015

AG April Spotlight - BeForever Kaya


  1. When I go on the AG website, it still says Samantha is the spotlight...? So is Kaya going to be the April spotlight?

  2. Urgh. All that Native American stereotype is making me roll my eyes.
    AG, just because the little girls fall for it/think that is what Native Americans actually do all day doesn't mean you need to help them with that idea. I'm in the target age range and so is my sister, and we're both sick and tired of all this stereotypical Native stuff.

    1. I also feel that Kaya is too often labeled as "the nature lover." I think Kaya is supposed to have a daring personality, but because Caroline has been given that daring sort of personality as well, Kaya has been defaulted to "respectful of the Earth." Perhaps American Girl could stress Kaya's adventurous side and tone it down a notch on the whole nature lover thing.

  3. I am very excited that Kaya is the new spotlight and disappointed the home page has not been updated to reflect her yet. I hope that is fixed shortly.

    With regards to Kaya's historic background and her story I love that she is in tune with nature as well as a spirited girl who is ready to head off on her horse and find ways to save her friends from captivity.

    With regards to her more modern limited edition items. I think it is nice that AG is continuing the proud tradition of regalia and powwow performance. I would also like to see more modern and trendy outfits for her and would really like it if AG would employee one of the many Native American fashion designers to help with those.

    If her BeForever story extends into modern times then it would be good to include a story line that shows a love of family, a link to tradition, as well modern pursuits and interests. It would be easy to find something that bridges tradition and modernity without falling on stereotypes consult and look to writers, actors, and directors like Chaske Spencer and Julia Jones.

    Kaya'aton'my's is a very good one.