Thursday, April 2, 2015

*Review* My Pal 18" Boy Dolls

My Sibling and My Pal dolls were created by Loretta Boronat, a mother, teacher, autism awareness advocate and seamstress.  She decided to tell the stories from the perspective of the typically developing brother or sister of the child with the disability, hence the name “My Sibling Dolls.” There are six My Sibling characters: four who have siblings with autism, and two who have siblings with Down Syndrome. The stories were intended to teach children about the challenges and rewards of living with a sibling who learns and grows differently than others.

I asked Helene to do a review of her doll Matty. 
April is Autism Awareness month.  Matty would like to let folks know, how he came to understand how noises and other stimulus upset someone with autism.

The My Pal and My Sibling Doll company is a NJ based company and this company employs individuals with special needs.

This is our newest doll Matty.  As you can see he has curly blonde hair and brown eyes.

Here is a better photo to show off his hair and face. Matty has a booklet attached to his wrist that tells his story

We are very happy with our new doll Matty.  The dolls range in price from $47.99 to $64.99.  They are good quality plastic, posable,  eyes open & close; also has a soft body.


  1. I just saw this and ordered Andy for my doll collection. I just talked to Loretta on the phone and she is very gracious. I am so glad I ordered him as I was looking for a boy doll. I think people like Loretta are the angels on the earth.

  2. Hi....I purchase Andy a year ago and I am very happy with him. He is a good quality doll for the price.....he comes complete with a story book about experience with Mrs. Loretta was a wonderful one. She also change Andy tennis shoes for the all white tennis I had requested. If you are looking for a boy doll, I highly recommend this company.

  3. I love My Pal and My Sibling dolls! And Loretta is such a nice lady. My daughters have My Twinn dolls and my son wanted a boy doll that looked like him. I discovered My Pal last year and fell in love! The brown-haired blue-eyed doll looks so much like my son. He was thrilled! This year he decided he wanted a doll that looks like his daddy when daddy was a little boy :) A My Sibling doll perfectly fit the bill. These dolls are adorable and sturdy, perfect for boys play. And if your kids like Build-a-Bear as well, the costumes fit these dolls really well!

  4. Hi, I just ordered one of these dolls and I'm working on making some clothes for him before he arrives. I was wondering how he compares size wise to an AG doll or a Modern Girl doll.

  5. My son has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. I struggling to find a boy doll that has the same features.
    (1.) Is it possible to customise one of your boy dolls to have curly blonde hair and blue eyes? If yes, what will the cost be?
    (2.) What is the shipping cost to Cape Town, South Africa?
    Deidre Manuel