Wednesday, March 25, 2015

*International Collectors* Gotz Modell - 1984 Catalog (Germany)

Britta shares the 1984 Gotz catalog she received featuring "Gotz Modell" dolls who share the same face mold that was later used for American Girl dolls.

These dolls share the AG face mold.

See more of her Gotz dolls on Instagram.
Thank you Britta - GermanAGDollGirls .


  1. Ooooooh, now I want the Gotz dolls with the AG face mold. I think I like their look even better than AGs! Sadly, I'n sure they cost ten times as much on Ebay.

    1. Actually they can be found from $60+ on ebay. Good luck!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness! Even the dolls have big 80s hair! Too funny!

    They are really cute, I think 66063 is my favorite.

  3. Hi I have a doll I can't identify made by gotz that looks like one of the dolls above (looks like samantha) but has a hard body & hair is in braid on top of her head. Not sure how to post a picture here.

  4. I absolutely love these and want to augment my AG/PC collection with a Romina--are there B/S/T groups or special search criteria for eBay to find them? Great photos and site!