Saturday, March 28, 2015

*In Store Report* My Life As.....Spring Clothes (Canada)

Robin has another great in-store report!

I spotted some new spring My Life As doll outfits in my local, Canadian Wal-Mart last night. Each of these were $10. 

There was a butterfly tunic/headband outfit, a citrus-fruit tank/capris combo and this tee, miniskirt and vest outfit. No bathing suit or sundresses in our neck of the woods yet. 

Love how MLA is using more colours in their outfits. I love pink and purple as much as the next person, but I'm glad to sell some blues and oranges used too! 

Almost purchased the citrus-tank outfit for one of my daughter's Easter baskets, but the placement of the grapefruit print is a little wonky (right on the seam when the photo shows it should be more centered) and they didn't have any others in stock. Will keep my eyes open for more! 

 I also purchased these two sport outfits from last fall's collection. Here is the gymnastics tumbler outfit and the soccer outfit. I love how they come with so many accessories! I really have to say how great it is to have such nice variety in this line, too.

 The gymnastics set includes the leotard, workout pants, water bottle, hair scrunchie and gold medal.

 The soccer set includes a short-sleeve jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards and soccer ball. 

They had butterfly roller skates, pink rubber boots, gemstone-flower-accented flip flops, pink strappy sandals, pink canvas slip-ons (not shown), tan hiking boots (not shown) and three colours of high tops. I had seen the high tops in stores in the fall, but they only had pink then. This time they had them in pink, purple and blue so I bought the blue ones. :)

Each pair of shoes was $3 (Canadian). I'm especially curious to see how the strappy sandals will fit the dolls' feet. 

While I don't think these are new to US Wal-Marts, I think they are new to the Canadian ones. 


  1. Thanks for letting me know. My Walmart hasn't gotten most of these items. Madelon

  2. I have seen the citrus outfit at my walmart and I almost bought. I just couldn't decide! It is very cute though! :)

  3. Being a gymnast myself, I absolutely LOVE that gymnastics set/outfit! Sooo cute, and I love how the medal resembles a London 2012 Olympic medal. :)


  4. I really like that first outfit with the puppy would be perfect for Grace.