Friday, March 27, 2015

*In-Store Report* OG Store Costa Rica

 I had asked Mimi to send an In Store Report from the OG store in Costa Rica. She was able to visit the store and send back this report!

The prices for clothes range around 12,000 colones (our currency) and 13,000 colones. That is about $22.54 and $24.42. For example here a picture of the purple Boho Beauty outfit's price.

The bigger objects like the kitchen and the camper cost about 80,000 (specifically 79,995) for the big kitchen which is about $150.27. It is more expensive than the same kitchen sold in Target for $65.00, but it is understandable that the prices rose because of the shipping. For example the Tea Set costs around 17,000 colones or $31.30.

As far as the shop goes it is just a regular shop. It has some displays with the objects just like in the AG store but in a much smaller space.  

There is a party area in the back as well. There were some girls having a party, but I did not want to intrude and take pictures or make them uncomfortable by looking at them. When the party was over I did take a quick snapshot of the area. It looks like the back had a storage room with more objects /a stocking area I guess.

Well that's all I saw!

Thank you Mimi! 


  1. Ah the elusive laundry machines are available in COSTA RICA! Figures