Sunday, March 29, 2015

*Reader Photos* Doll House

  I am a HUGE fan of your blog! I love all the cute ideas you have. I am a young doll collector and your blog has inspired me to make and do more things with my dolls! My favorite doll is Lanie and we do everything we possibly can together! We enjoy the crafts on your blog and the helpful reviews. 

            Here is a picture of the dollhouse my grandpa built for me.
( I absolutely adore it! ) All of my dolls want to say thank you for your amazing blog!                            
                                        -Camille Age 11


  1. That looks like such a nice house! Also, it's cool that her name is Camille, as that's what basilmentos named her #61.

  2. Great house, Camille! Love the photo of all of your dolls waving to the camera! :)

  3. Great dollhouse!! Lanie is a cute for sure. :)

  4. Very nice, your grandpa did a great job!

  5. Fabulous doll house, Camille! Great work by your grandpa! Thank you for sharing your photo.