Monday, February 16, 2015

Where's Willow? Phoenix, AZ (Day 4)

Willow and Kaya went to the Maie Bartlett Heard Museum for American peoples of the Americas.

 It was filled to the brim with artifacts from all the different tribes of the southwest such as; jewelry, pottery, clothing, artwork, and daily use items. The photos speak volumes in this case, so I will let them articulate themselves today. 

I do have to say that the both had such a good time looking at Kachina dolls, sculptures, traditions like the adobe oven and the ceremonial dances. Plus there was a large section that incorporated the Indian School, where American Indian children were taught the ‘white man’s’ ways.
Here are Willow, Kaya and Mr. Bill trotting past a beautiful American Indian mural on their way to the desert.

Ahh, the coolness of the shaded desert.

Kaya tells Willow to hold on to Mr. Bills braided mane, since they don’t have a saddle, only a horse blanket.

Resting for a few minutes before their next stop.

Willow spots a Saguaro Cactus and must have her picture taken.

Here are Willow, Kaya and Mr. Bill at the entrance to the Grand Canyon.


Looks like we also picked up a goat on this trip! And Willow is letting Mr. Bill wear her hat, while Kaya is pretending he is a push-me/pull-you; her hat is on his other end!

It has been a very LONG day and the two girls are awfully worn out. Sleep good dreams ^_^.


  1. That last pic is so beautiful <3

  2. Willow, I had a Kachina doll when I was young. Looks like you had another big day sightseeing. I loved this day of photos. Great idea to make a collage so you can share lots of photos.

    1. I Googled Kachina dolls and Wikipedia had a picture of the display at the Heard Museum!

  3. The girls look adorable in their western wear. They were very brave to stand on the glass bridge.

  4. Boy, this looks like a blast! Willow is lucky! My favorite picture is the last. It reminds me of the beauty in God's creation. Love the dolls there!