Monday, February 16, 2015

*Reader Photos* DIY Grace's Bistro Set

Linda made her Grace Bistro Table scene including a look-a-like meet outfit!!!

This is how I made the stemmed glass.  I used a Communion cup and hot glued two clear pony beads to the bottom.  I was going to use a clear button for the base, but didn't have any so I cut a circle off of the clear plastic of the food eraser package and hot glued that to the bottom pony bead.  I filled the glass with clear pony beads for ice, put a Christmas candy cane for the straw as I didn't have any stir sticks.  I put a yellow fruit eraser for the lemon.

  This is what I used for the bistro table.  I used the table top from one of my tables, but you could use a plastic lid, cardboard or wood circle.  I just set the table top on the candle holder.  I cut marble scrap paper into a circle and laid that on the table.  Then I cut thin strips of paper to cover the side of the table.