Tuesday, February 17, 2015

*REVIEW* Disney Pixar Boo Talking Doll (Monsters Inc)

 Disney Pixar characters are among many people's favorites. My favorite is Toy Story and I am actively collecting these dolls. 

Maybe you have seen Boo the talking doll from the Disney store a while ago, she is now discontinued. You can find her on eBay and Amazon.

Boo-tiful dreamer - The terror-free tot from Monstropolis will speak cute phrases from Monsters, Inc. when you press her belly. - Toddler-size doll - Detailed features and rooted hair - Press Boo's belly to hear her speak multiple phrases - Authentic costume.

The doll was in very good condition when I received her. I did have to clean her, wash her clothes and re-style her rooted hair. She is made entirely of hard plastic and like the toddler dolls, she has on painted underwear.

This doll is too cute and I love her overall look. She is not considered an animator collection doll, but I have filed her under the category simply because of the similarities. 

*Opening Video*
Here her talk! 


  1. Aww, I love Boo! She was such a cutie. Everyone thought she looked like my daughter as a toddler who had dark brown/Black hair and wore the exact same pigtails. I think that was one reason I found Boo so adorable!

  2. We have a non-talking Boo about the same size that we love!

  3. We love Boo in this house. She looks just like my 2 year old as well :) I do have to say...my girls (ages 2 and 5) seem to both prefer non-talking dolls. Maybe it allows them to use their imagination more? It's interesting though. My daughter got a talking Elsa toddler doll for Christmas and she wants nothing to do with it. I think she's afraid of it coming on at night or something. This particular one is really cute, though and really resembles Boo's character so well!