Friday, February 13, 2015

Where's Willow? Phoenix, Arizona - Arrival

Willow is escorted by new friend Raine, brother of Kaya.

What's a party without a banner and a table full of delicious snack food?!!!

Even though exhausted from her trip, Willow's spirits are high and her hair is lavish and full! She seems relaxed and happy, after changing into something I think Raine may have loaned her??  Hmm...I think the girls will have to be a bit more proactive about her wardrobe choices!

Chrissa and Bailey are the first to welcome Willow into their home for a visit.

Notice it is not all cupcakes and sodas! Her cousin Tory is a doctor and practices preventative medicine or a holistic approach, not just applying band-aids.

Yes, I'll bet you also noticed Agent Ivy Donovan and Graham Jinks hunched in the corner. They are on "Willow Detail" while she is in town; making sure the young doll is safe on her visit to Arizona.

All of the family gather around to get their chance to talk to Willow. 
L-R: Bruce, Kaya, Isabelle, and Josefina.

Bailey tells Willow, "I know we will be great friends!"

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  1. Such a sweet welcome :) Josie looks gorgeous, btw :)