Friday, February 13, 2015

*In Store Report* My Life As.. Canada + REVIEW

 Robin has a report for Canadian readers!
"I went to Walmart, it looked like my local store is just about to do some new stocking, as they had paper printouts taped to all the shelves where the new stock is supposed to go. Perfect for research! LOL!"

"While it looks like my local store will be getting in some new MLA items that my store hasn't carried before (such as the Pop Star doll, the Walk in the Park Clothing (and dog) set and the camping set), there is nothing truly 'new' set to arrive, other than the Camp Counsellor. Looks like they will be restocking clothes, shoes, chairs and beds, however. Given that they haven't had anything since Christmas (and it was pretty slim pickings then, too), this is still much appreciated."

"Here's what the Camp Counsellor looks like: She's a blonde with beautiful emerald green eyes. And, she does have freckles!"

"She's wearing a blue camouflage t-shirt with a colourful flower print on it and white 'denim' shorts with rolled cuffs and stitched pockets (not real pockets)."

"She's also wearing little, white ankle socks and tan hiking boots (plastic). She also comes with a cute little accessory: a pink plastic clipboard with three camp activities written down on a sticker ' checklist. The activities are English/French bilingual (at least they would be in Canada) and read: go swimming, chase butterflies and make s'mores. Cute! It looks like the clipboard has a little handle on the back, too, so that it can slip over her fingers and she can really hold the clipboard."

"And, she has a blue bucket hat (which reads "Camp" on it) worn on top of her braids. It looks like there is an elastic band holding the hat in place."

"The accessory is a nice touch. I think the only thing missing on this Camp Counsellor would be a whistle around her neck--or maybe some friendship bracelets on her wrists. I've never met a camp counsellor that hasn't worn these items!"

"Actually, if there was a separate 'day camp' or 'camp counsellor' outfit--that's what could be included. Or a backpack filled with water bottles, sunscreen and bug spray!"

"I also noticed that Walmart is carrying two 18-inch dolls in their Kid Connection line. They look like very basic dolls meant for young children, but they were quite inexpensive and came with lots of little accessories. "

"The dolls--one blonde and one brunette--were originally on sale for $20 each, but are now on clearance for $15. The dolls and their outfits are quite simple, but they might make someone who is just testing out the 18-inch doll waters with their children very happy."

"The brunette came with a dish set for two (goblets, plates, spoons, forks and napkins), while the blonde comes with a cooking set (chef's apron and hat, spatula, flipper, oven mitt, potholder)."

"And, finally, while going down the magazine aisle, I discovered miniature Grace Thomas dolls. They had the dolls ($29.99--which is waaaaay more than currently on sale at Chapters/AG Canada -- Plum Reward Members can get the mini doll for $18.80 right now!) and the books ($12.50 at Walmart, which is still more than Chapters which is currently selling them at $10.80 for Plum Reward Members)."



  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    The Camp Counselor set is cute. A few more accessories might be nice. I just wish it came separately, and not w/ the doll, (I know that's what the line is about, though). The blue shirt sorta looks like a blue version of the AG camp outfit that just retired. Very cute!

  2. I'm loving these In store reports coming from fellow doll enthusiasts, Rhonda! I rarely go to the toy section in Walmart since I only go for various veggies/fruits. I really like the camp counselor! It reminds me of my childhood for some reason. I think AG and OG should do a similar outfit or doll. :) Mostly, I like that other companies aren't "copying" AG, but making competitive items that are more affordable for us all. Sometimes I see people complain on social media that other companies are stealing AG's ideas, which I don't think is this case. While I'm a big AG fan, there are many OG items in our collection which I love just as much. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  3. Thank you, Robin, for this report. I will have to check out my local Walmart. Does the MLA line have accessory sets that come separately from the dolls?

    I agree, VS, that OG has some great items at good prices for imaginative play. And for quality clothing and accessories, Maplelea is wonderful.

    1. Yes, they do have separate clothes/accessory sets. MLA clothes tend to be sung or not fit AG though.

  4. very interesting...your boxes are different than ours so I wonder if we will get the counselor...

    The one thing I think MLA is doing well is freckles. I'm not crazy about these dolls (as you all probably know).

    I've seen similar kid connection dolls at local Kmarts here in PA but not recently.

    Seems like the Walmart in CA didn't get a good deal from AG on the books! Those are crazy prices.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thank you, Nonna, for your response to my question.