Friday, February 13, 2015

Where's Willow? Phoenix, Arizona (Day One)

Willow, Bailey and Secret Agent Graham Jinks accompany Shosy G to her work at the college.

In the conference room, readying for a ‘Meet and Greet’. Folks were glad to see and meet Willow and her entourage.

Willow was the perfect Marketing person at the event, making everyone feel welcome and part of academia

And it never hurts to look your best when in a public forum; readying for a Q&A session!

Also never hurts to do a bit of advertising! (“Thanks Willow”, Shosy exclaimed!)

Taking a walk near a fountain on campus. Willow actually stopping to smell the flowers!

Bye PVCC! “Thanks for visiting us, Willow –come back soon!”
Then off to the University of Phoenix Stadium!

Willow is standing near Gate 3 – where both the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl were played this year!!

Agent Ivy Donovan, Raine, and Willow all decided to climb up on parking pole – but found out it was a bit windy there!

However, they all sure look cute with their team spirit; foam fingers, Patriots gear and cheer outfit! (sorry Seahawks – you played well too!)

Raine made Willow giggle when he asked if she needed him to  carry her pom-poms to the car for her!!

Afterwards, they went into the refurbished team Center and Willow bought a Cardinals Headband for her hair to remember her trip her by, while Raine played up and down the aisles with a stuffed football toy!


  1. Hi Willow, You sure look pretty in your business attire and quite professional too!

  2. That's cute! Now I want to take a doll to college class lol. I think it's really cool you go to the university where the super bowl was held!

  3. Yay, Willow is back. She looks great in that blue cheer outfit. She's had a busy day already!

  4. Can I host willow? In October

    1. I'm sorry Ellana, but Willow is only traveling for one year.

  5. Great pictures! I love following Willow's travels.