Tuesday, January 20, 2015

*Review* Espari Pretty Plaid Fashion

I recently purchased the Espari Pretty Plaid fashion pack from Barnes and Noble, I absolutely love this set and think it looks adorable on basically any doll. 

It fits best on slim-bodied dolls like Journey Girls and

Disney Princess and Me. 

I think it would also work well for Carpatina slim dolls. The dress can't close in the back for most regular 18 inch dolls, but several of the pieces can be shared across doll lines. Overall I think it's a wonderful value with great play potential. 

I have more pictures as well as a review of the various pieces on my blog at dollsonadime.com

Hope you enjoy the fashion show!


  1. Rhonda, Thanks so much for posting this. I had fun taking all the pictures. I really love the versatility and value of the new Espari sets.

  2. These are great pictures and a lovely review.