Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Where's Willow? Home from Chicago!

Willow arrive safely and swiftly back home from Chicago! She had plenty of brochures and keepsakes with her.

Chicago post cards and candy from Dulcelandia (Sweet Land).

Doll size photos for a scrapbook of both her and Holly's week together.

In a second box accompanying Willow was a surprise gift! A photo memory box (shadow box) complete with a map of noted stops where she and Holly visited, ticket stubs, a coin and photos!! I was so touched at this thoughtful and unexpected gift.

This is both creative and sentimental - a beautiful gesture. Thank you Claudia and Sam so much. This now hangs in my modern doll room next to my computer where I can see it daily.


  1. What a lovely gift! So thoughtful!

  2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Wow so many gifts! And that shadowbox is really nice. Welcome home Willow!

  3. All sorts of goodies! The candy makes me hungry LOL. That shadow box is just so cool, what a terrific idea.

  4. Willow is making some good friends!

  5. I loved watching the unboxing video! Once again, I'm so glad to see Willow made it back home safely and can't wait to see where she goes to next. :)