Sunday, January 11, 2015

*International Collectors* Canada

My sister and I are new to the doll world and currently have 6 dolls. With one historical, three girl of the years, and two look-a-likes we hope to add to our collection. 

From left to right: Molly, McKenna, Isabelle, Isabel, Saige,and Addison.

For Christmas my uncle made us a 6-foot tall wooden doll house with six rooms. It has wheels and is very easy to move around.

The roof also has a very cool texture that is very detailed. 

 This first room is where Addison and Saige spend their days.

The second room is for McKenna and Molly.

This room is for Isabel and Isabelle, but usually known as Mom and Dad. This bed was purchased at an auction for our school. It comes with very cute throw pillows and bedding.

This is the living room which had a Christmas tree and took up much more space, now it is sort of empty.

Right now this room is for the dining table, but once we get some bathroom furniture it will become a bathroom.


  1. Wow, that is an awesome dollhouse! How great to have an uncle that can build things! :)

  2. Love your new house! Lots of rooms for your dolls to play in and big enough to fit more when you expand your collection! Thanks for sharing the great photos! ~ Maria B.

  3. That dollhouse has SO much potential. You are guys are going to have a blast! Thanks for sharing!