Sunday, January 11, 2015

*International Collectors* Brazil

 This is our collection in Brazil. I first heard about AG in 2008 I think, but I only got the first doll in 2012. My daughter was two and a half when we went to the AG store in NY. We bought #53 that looks like her.

In 2013 we went to Miami and got Saige and the Bitty Twin with dark hair (her identical sister was bought for my niece). Isabelle was bought for us by my cousin is San Francisco. 

We were lucky enough to go to the USA twice this year. In May we went to Los Angeles and got #60, then in November we went to Miami and got Samantha. The blonde twins were also bought in Miami, but they just joined the family last week as Santa gifts. 

We don't have a doll room or doll house (yet) so they are all in my daughter's room. Even though she is very young (she will be five in January) she takes very good care of the dolls and I love dressing them with the same clothes.

My next vacation is set in September so its going to be a long wait to get Grace. 

This was taken at our dollie Christmas of my daugther's and my nieces dolls. I made the fireplace with a card box and printed paper. They had a lot of fun! 

That's my daughter at AGP Miami. 


  1. Great collection! Your daughter is very lucky to have such a wonderful group of dolls! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! ~ Maria B.

  2. What a fun collection! I'd love to see a post about your trip to get Grace!

  3. Thanks for posting Rhonda!
    Well yesterday my boss called me and told me that I will have to take my vacations on february because we might get big projects in september... Sooooo.... I might get Grace much sooner than I expected!!!! Yay!!! :-D