Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Inspiration for Grace's La Patisserie ?

There is a perfumery in Paris called Marie Antoinette. 


I wonder if it was the design/color inspiration for Grace's La Patisserie?



  1. I saw a couple of similar photos when searching on Google images and though the same thing.

  2. This is not at all related to this post, but I'm trying to find one of the comments I posted a few weeks ago. Can you help me? It isn't the "*Rumors* Beforever Historical" post, but it was something along those lines.
    No pressure if you don't have enough time, but I know in WP then you can find all the different comments someone has posted so I thought I would ask.


    1. Is it here:

  3. It does resemble it a lot. I thought the interior of the bakery was from Julia Child's kitchen, but the picture above shows an uncanny resemblance to the exterior of the perfumery. Good call!

  4. Having been in Paris, other than the color, I can tell you that many buildings are going to resemble the style presented in both the toy and the shoppe. The color combination is a pretty classic combo with cherry red and smokey teal. I think the shoppe style is simply more European than we're all use to since we're used to shotily built strip and mini malls without too much frill. In Europe, they use what they have and what they have are beautifully detailed old shoppes.

  5. Very well could be. Looks like a place I'd go in.

    Nonna, a few main streets have been revitalizing to fill their store fronts. I love driving down them and hope some day to actually walk a few. Brookville, Bedford, Bethlehem are among them. I love how the shops are able to use the existing structures - so much more enticing than strip malls.

  6. Kinda sad, actually, that AG couldn't find a real bakery to base theirs off of.