Saturday, January 31, 2015

*In Store Report* BEFOREVER Story Time - Barnes and Noble

B&N have monthly AG events so check your local store's calendar.

 Story time had already begun when I arrived. They were spotlighting Kit this month to coincide with AG.

I was surprised at how small the group was, we had a larger group at our Kirsten event.  Only a total of six girls with their favorite dolls. I saw MyAG #59, Kit, Kaya and Caroline.


This was the extent of the night. Crayons and blank paper then a re-telling of Kit's entire story. The girls knew the story well, but in my opinion there should have been MORE to this event. Watching the movie at home would have been more fun.


  1. We had a similar experience to this at Books A Million's Super Hero Night. My grandson got all dressed up in his costume only to arrive at the store and receive a coloring page. Didn't even hear a story. Very disappointing for him. A waste of time and gas for mom. Very poor effort for a major chain store.

  2. Cool! I love seeing little kids with dolls because they're all so CUTE!!! But then I have to resist the urge to take everyone's dolls and start fixing up their hair. I think I care too much.

  3. Ah! That Grace banner-- behind it is Percy Jackson's Greek Gods! Two of my favorite things in one picture!! :)
    Anyway, I totally agree with TheAGCollector101 on this-- especially about wanting to fix their dolls. lol


  4. Our local book store has better AG events; however, the do require registration and sometimes a fee to cover materials, etc.