Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Feature! Look Book OOTW

We all spend so much time obsessing over doll clothes to add to our collections and spend both time and money buying these adorable outfits. I am going to be featuring a new series OOTW (outfit of the week) with different looks for doll clothing combos. You all know I love mix and match pieces and this will hopefully give us ideas for new ways to dress our dolls.

Many of us have clothes from various lines: handmade, etsy shops, OG, AG, My Life As... and JG.

Let's have fun putting looks together.


  1. I love doll fashion! I have a post series called" "Fashion with Felicity" on my blog. Speaking of fashion, I found the same Samantha dress on taboo, but in a crazy print. Weird:

  2. I like doll fashions better than human fashions but I'm not so talented with mixing and matching. Good challenge!

  3. OH Molly's clothes are so wonderful! I wish I had been able to get her robe and slippers set but it retired long before I got into AG, and besides i have outfits I want more than that set.

  4. Great idea! My dolls have more clothes than I do and definitely more shoes. Lucky girls!

  5. Excellent idea, Rhonda! I have to say, my dolls dress better than I do currently. LOL! Six months ago I made a huge lifestyle change and have been losing weight but still have about 40-50lbs to lose. I refuse to buy super cute clothes when I won't wear them for long. I cannot wait until my wardrobe is as cool as my dolls! ;)